Guest Interview Films

The Raw, Unfiltered Thoughts Of Everyone At Your Party

Looking To Spice Up Your Wedding Films?

The cinematic vibe just isn't cutting it?

Consider our Guest Interview Films – a unique way to capture all of your favorite people being in the same place to celebrate together. Your wedding day is probably your only chance to hire high-quality filmmakers to capture all of your loved ones answering hilarious, sentimental, or quirky questions, like...

  • What was your first impression of the groom when you met him?
  • Who is going to be the best dancer tonight?
  • How did you know the bride and groom were in love?
  • Who would last longer in a zombie apocalypse?

If you check out the film above, you will understand that our Guest Interview Films have four important elements:

  1. Guaranteed Chuckles: From witty tales to inside jokes, our interviews bring out the humor in your loved ones, ensuring your video is a laughter-filled treat.
  2. Documentary Feels: Get ready for a wedding video that's as quirky as a Parks and Rec or The Office. We capture your guests' enthusiasm with a style reminiscent of Leslie Knope's fervor and Jim Halpert's goofiness!
  3. Expert Storytelling: Our interviews turn your love story into a compelling narrative, creating a video that's as gripping as a well-written TV series.
  4. Long-Lasting Legacy: These interviews are like a time capsule of your loved ones' stories and jokes, ensuring your special day lives on in the funniest and most heartfelt way.

Make your wedding memories as binge-worthy as your favorite movie! If you want something fast-paced that will make you both laugh and "aww" at your guests' responses, this film is for you.

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