So What Is The Big Deal About Videography?

Exchanging life-long vows is no small thing, and the photos capturing that moment are priceless. But regardless of the skill and artistry of your photographer, there is no possible way that the photographs you receive will fully encapsulate that once-in-a-lifetime moment. Photos miss the opportunity to capture every cadence, chuckle, and quiver in your voice.

This is why we offer videography. Our most popular packages include a short video capturing the main highlights throughout your special day. And when your 10-year anniversary rolls around, your Highlight Film will take you back to the sounds, the smells, the music, and the feelings you experienced when you two tied the knot together.

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Just a few more thoughts...

  • Couples often express that the one regret of their wedding day was not hiring a professional videographer. If you don't believe us, then ask your friends who have just gotten married!
  • You won't see everything on your elopement/wedding day, but your videographer will. Our job is to capture the reactions of the bride, groom and guests throughout different stages of the day and combine all of these reactions into one cinematic or documentary-style film (depending on what you choose).
  • Videos are so easy to share these days! So for all of the people that were not able to share in the celebration, they can watch your film and feel like they were there all along.