Hello there!

I'm Carly, the full-time photographer behind Wind & Waves Media, and I'm married to Daniel, the videographer. Our editing style uses true-to-life color tones with an added touch of warmth. We often try to be flies-on-the-wall to minimize the posed moments, but we're also always ready to step up and guide our couples when they need assistance. And we are up for just about anything to get the perfect shot for your wedding photos and films!

We don't mind getting a little messy and minimizing the posed moments during elopements and weddings. Whether you're exploring the mountains, hiking the sand dunes, or even reminiscing in your favorite ice cream shop, we would be honored to photograph and film your love story. We work best with couples who enjoy adventure, laugh a lot, and love deeply. So if that sounds like you, click the button below!



Sweet potato fries, chicken nuggets, and dark chocolate

What are your


Reading the Bible together over coffee, kayaking on Lake Michigan, playing pickleball in the sunshine, and cooking new recipes in the kitchen of our apartment



We're planning on traveling to California, Wisconsin, Alaska, Minnesota, Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Michigan, and (our personal favorite) New Zealand during 2023 & 2024



Hiking the Swiss Alps in the springtime

Why We Do What We Do

Personally, I (Carly) have an absolutely terrible memory. So I'm a huge journal person! I've documented my thoughts, emotions, prayers, and experiences in 7 or 8 notebooks over the years, and photography and videography seem to be a visual expression of journaling. When I look back at a photograph or a video, I'm able to re-live those memories through the way they were captured, and I'm also able to share with others things that I can't quite seem to put into words. Daniel has joined me in this, and we have found so much joy in working together.

Wind & Waves Media has been such a gift from God, the One who historically calmed the stormy wind and waves in a mere breath when He walked upon this earth. Jesus fills our lives with peace and purpose every single day, and we are constantly in awe of His creative ability. It is awe-inspiring to photograph and film people because it gives us more insight into what our Creator is like.

“Carly is so caring and sweet! From the moment I reached out to her for her availability I knew I wanted her to capture our wedding day. She is so organized I'm surprised she isn't a wedding planner! Her and her husband are such a great team, they have an unspoken language that helps them navigate a hectic wedding day seamlessly. And I'll just leave some of my favorite photos here so you can see for yourself what a great job she does.”